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Extending a local Xenserver storage repository can be a bit daunting, especially when dealing with GPT Partition tables, which for example Xenserver 6.0 uses by default.   Preflight Check First of all, you will need to provide Xenserver with actual, additional storage space. If you are using lets say a HP Proliant Server with a […]

When you import an OVA into a Hypervisor such as Xenserver, the Disk ID’s might be changed by the importer. However, the fstab file is not updated to reflect those changes. So if your machine is not booting after importing it, it might help to check the following: First, run :   ls /dev/disk/by-id This will […]

If you regularely use the Snapshot feature of Xenserver, or, like us, run an external backup tool (Alike by Quorumsoft) that uses Snapshots, you might sooner or later run into a problem, where Xenserver tells you that there is no more free disk space on the storage, when in fact there is ample space left. […]