When you import an OVA into a Hypervisor such as Xenserver, the Disk ID’s might be changed by the importer.

However, the fstab file is not updated to reflect those changes.

So if your machine is not booting after importing it, it might help to check the following:

First, run :   ls /dev/disk/by-id

This will give you the Id’s of the Disks as they are currently.

Then open fstab:  vi /etc/fstab

Check the first three entries.

They will look something like this:    /dev/disk/ata-xxxxxx_xxxx_xx    /        xxxx           xxx

Mostly you will find that the output of the first command gives you different names for the disks.

simply edit the fstab file to reflect the new id’s and reboot.

This should get your machine back into working order